Mr Soldierman
by Rani Moorthy and SujeethG

Mr Soldierman appears in Rasa's new theatre show Looking For Kool.

Bearing witness to her world turned upside down, a defiant Mrs.U creates ‘The Coconut Grove’; part party, part family album, part secret ritual, all make shift, all imagination. She has survived war on her wits and on kool, the comfort stew that binds her community. Imagine yourself a war tourist, entering her world, drinking her kool, and witnessing the vagaries of life and war. Can you fulfil her poignant request?

In Looking For Kool the song Mr Soldierman is the work of Mrs U's granddaughter, M C Ooma. Living in Canada, far from the civil war in Sri Lanka, she nevertheless holds strong views on the conflict in her motherland.

Looking for Kool is a one-woman show, unfolding in the secret labyrinth of one of Southbank Centre’s underground spaces.