“A piece of intelligent, engaging and provocative theatre. Frequently comedic and endearing, at times deeply moving and uncomfortable, its central message lingers long after the curtain”
The British Theatre Guide on Shades of Brown
Whose Sari Now? is a funny and poignant journey of one sari in the lives of the many characters who wear it. The play examines the intriguing relationships we have with the sari from the personal to political to myths and traditions
Bold, innovative, moving and tinged with salty humour, States of Verbal Undress is Rasa’s provocative response to the political phrase of the moment “tidal wave of immigration”
The international superstar Shahrukh Khan means different things to three Asian women, Rose, Pindy and Kasi who have shared a house for 25 years. In the interim years there might have been friendships, adventures, lost loves and limited work lives but now in their older years there is a strong sense that their best lives were left behind in their homeland, Kenya, along with their secrets.
Looking for Kool is an immersive theatre experience in an unconventional theatre venue. While there are points in which some members of the audience can sit, most of the show requires you to stand and walk as the action moves from one point to another.
An evocative and enchanting story of homecoming, adventure, fear and joy for a girl and her mother.
Whatever shade of brown you are or want to be, this thought provoking one-woman show from Rani Moorthy will get under your skin.
Rani Moorthy hits the zeitgeist in this world premiere of her new stage play about a Muslim family coping with life in today’s Britain.
Razor-sharp observation combines with acute characterisation in a heady mix of flavours to please the most discerning palate.
Spellbinding drama, dynamic Baratha Natyam dance and hypnotic Karnatic music expose artistic upheaval and social revolution in an India searching for a new identity.
Blending Malay martial arts and theatre, with western theatre, animation and film, Malaysian born Manchester writer Rani Moorthy looks at the adventure of globalisation.