“Rani Moorthy's heartfelt piece begins beautifully... Director Iqbal Khan does a fine job of establishing a credibly loving-fractious domestic atmosphere”
Evening Standard on Too Close to Home
“Rani Moorthy goes to the heart of the very pertinent issues of terrorism and prejudice giving a valuable insight into what the current climate of fear means from the perspective of Muslims”
The Stage on Too Close To Home
“What Moorthy does exceptionally well is to pay attention to the finer details that illuminate a family that most people could readily identify with, warts and all”

Entertainment Manchester on Too Close To Home

“A tremendous reception by the predominately youthful audience proved that this new work humanised rather than demonised some important social issues amongst Muslims in this country.”
M.E.N on Too Close To Home

Written by Rani Moorthy
Director: Iqbal Khan
Designer: Rachna Jadhav
Lighting Designer: Cairan Bagnall 

World premiere presented in association with Library Theatre, Manchester and Lyric, Hammersmith, November 2006

Nominated for Best New Play at MEN Awards  

Rani Moorthy hits the zeitgeist in this world premiere of her new stage play about a Muslim family coping with life in today’s Britain.

Huddled in a Britain of extraordinary events, an ordinary Muslim family gathers during Ramadan to pray and to break the fast. The youngest son hurriedly hides a rucksack, and in the course of a long day’s journey into night family conflict erupts and buried secrets are exposed.

Exploring the pressures that terrorism and fundamentalism have brought, Rani Moorthy brings her generous warmth and vitality to a family catapulted into crisis. As attitudes to Islam divide the generations and a new world order challenges religious identity, this powerful and vibrant drama asks ‘Do you really know what is going on under your own roof?’

InToo Close To Home Rani Moorthy has created five complicated and flawed characters that are surprising, multidimensional and often funny. These characters drive the play’s narrative, resulting in an accurate portrayal of the complexity and humanity of the family. Their inner and outer conflicts allow us to reflect on the challenges and prejudices faced by people who might lead surprisingly similar lives to us all.


Shiv Grewal
Rani Moorthy
Stephanie Street
Dharmesh Patel
Sartaj Garewal

UK Tour Autumn 2006