“An incomparable story teller... Moorthy is so sumptuously watchable that its easy to forget there is only one of her on stage. Four Stars”
The Guardian on Shades of Brown
“Considerable serious intent… [but] pretty entertaining too, thanks to the charismatic performance. Four Stars”
M.E.N on Shades of Brown
“A piece of intelligent, engaging and provocative theatre. Frequently comedic and endearing, at times deeply moving and uncomfortable, its central message lingers long after the curtain”
The British Theatre Guide on Shades of Brown
“Highly distinctive characters, believable stories and well-written dialogue…whether you are black, white – or any shade in between – this play will certainly hold your attention and challenge you to reconsider your ideologies” on Shades of Brown

Written and performed by Rani Moorthy
Director: Linda Marlowe
Lighting designer: Jake Taylor

World premiere presented at The Door, Birmingham Rep, October 2007

Whatever shade of brown you are or want to be, this thought provoking one-woman show from Rani Moorthy will get under your skin.

Around the globe money and time is poured into tanning or bleaching. From a South African albino to a skin-bleaching Indian bride, Rani with her celebrated mix of warm and powerful story telling, transforms into funny and poignant characters who share an ironic kinship through the one thing they cannot hide or hide from - their skin.

Revealing the challenge that each character’s colour presents to members of their own community, the play explores how skin colour prejudice is more than an issue of Black/White racism. As an indicator of identity, ethnicity and status within ones own community, Shades of Brown exposes the deep-rooted contradictions and trauma involved when an individual has too much or too little skin pigment. Each of the sympathetic and vibrant monologues portrays the pain of rejection, feelings of self-hatred and the oppression engendered when ethnicity is doubted and identity lost as skin colour vanishes.

Tours:  UK Autumn 2007, UK Autumn 2008