“A sensuous exploration of Indian dance…a highly evocative evening with spirited performances”
Manchester on Stage on Dancing Within Walls
“Engaging and thought provoking”
M.E.N on Dancing Within Walls
“This unique telling of a true story is a visual delight”
The Stage on Dancing Within Walls
“…Sensual production… a taut account interlaced with entrancing passages of Baratha Natyam”
The Guardian on Dancing Within Walls

Written by Rani Moorthy
Director: Iqbal Khan
Designer: Rachna Jadhav
Choreographer: Gitanjali Kolanad
Lighting designer: Ciaran Bagnall
Music: Manikam Yogeswaran

World premiere presented in association with the Contact, Manchester, December 2003.

Nominated in Best actress Category for Shobna Gulati at MEN Awards. 

From temple dancers to Bollywood stars - the true-life story of an Indian woman who broke all the rules.

Southern India. A high caste Brahmin woman is preparing to dance in public. Preparing to cause a revolution. Taming the erotic and neutering the sensual, five thousands years of tradition will be flouted as Rukmini Devi makes the forbidden, respectable.

Spellbinding drama, dynamic Baratha Natyam dance and hypnotic Karnatic music expose artistic upheaval and social revolution in an India searching for a new identity.

Dancing Within Walls is a fictional take on true historical icons of Indian society during the Raj and post- Independent India. Rukmini Devi, her Englishman husband George Arundale, a renowned theosophist and Yellama who is the composite of all the talented temple dancers of the devadasi tradition whose artistry was banned by the combined forces of Victorian and Indian morality.

Shobna Gulati
Christopher Wright
Thushani Weerasekera
Gitanjali Kolanad